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Cole Landry's Story: 2009

The Landry family.

Dr. Ramen Chmait performed the the fourth successful procedure worldwide to shrink a congenital cystic adenomatiod malformation (CCAM), a mass of abnormal lung tissue, and release the pressure on Cole's heart thereby giving him a chance at surviving. Today Cole is a happy, smiling boy.

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Twin-Twin Transfusion Syndrome: 2007

LA Fetal Therapy is pioneering a new treatment for twin-twin transfusion syndrome, also known as TTTS, using laser energy to seal off the blood vessels that shunt blood between two fetuses that share the same placenta.

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Lower Urinary Tract Obstruction: 2008

Fetal lower urinary tract obstruction (LUTO) is a rare condition that is caused by a blockage of fetal urination. Because the baby cannot empty the bladder, the baby’s bladder subsequently becomes very large and distended. Learn more about what LA Fetal Therapy is doing to correct this fetal condition in utero.

learn more about acardiac twins